Python Programming for Beginners Part -11 (What’s new in Python 3.10?)

Better error messages

  • Missing commas (,) in collection literals and between expressions
  • Missing colon (:) before blocks
  • Missing colon (:) and values in dictionary literals
  • Un-parenthesized tuples in comprehensions targets
  • Try blocks without except or finally blocks
  • Multiple Exception types without parentheses
  • Assignment operator (=) instead of comparison operator (==) in comparisons
  • Usage of * in f-strings

Indentation Errors

Structural Pattern Matching

Structural Pattern Matching with Guards

Population Count

New Type Union Operator




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Dr. Virendra Kumar Shrivastava

Dr. Virendra Kumar Shrivastava

Professor || Alliance College of Engineering and Design || Alliance University || Writer || Big Data Analytics