Busting The Myths: About Career in Big Data

Hello everyone!

Big data is one of the fastest growing field and offers the best career opportunities for you ignited minds. People have lots of myths in career opportunities in big data. Therefore, in this discussion, we are going to discuss on various myths and solutions about career in big data.

Last week I was talking to my one of the students, he is working in the Wipro as a Technical Lead in big data. I have asked about his professional journey. How has he developed himself for this profile? He has shared his experience and said that in initial days of corporate world, he felt that adopting versatile and new field such as big data shall be a big challenge because he was not from computing background. He had lots of myths in his mind for career in the big data analytics.

Some common myths are listed out below:

1. People think that I do not come from Computing background. So, I cannot cope up with big data.

2. It would be quite difficult to learn new skills such as python, R, big data, machine learning, AI, visualization techniques etc. to shape career in the big data.

3. People used to think that tools of big data like Hadoop, pig, hive, Cassandra, and visualization tools like power BI and tableau would be very tough to learn.

4. People used to have doubt on their own abilities.

5. Career in big data is fast growing. Would I be able to match the pace?

6. People doubt that after completion of masters in Big data, will I get a high salary job? and so on.

There are several myths overcloud in aspirant mind. I have addressed above cited myths in the subsequent discussion. So, you can go through point wise and evaluate yourself, whether big data is a right choice / career option for you or not?

1. Even if you do not come from core computing area, still you can design your career in big data. You can join a master programme in big data analytics / data science from reputed institute like IIMs or Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM).

2. It is not difficult to shape career in the big data if you have a little understanding of mathematics, statistics and you have analytical thinking or problem-solving mindset. You can easily cope up with big data, machine learning and other related subjects like R, Python, big data, and machine learning etc.

3. Big data analytics related tools are not really very difficult to understand. Because big data software is based on tools, and it is easy do hands-on on these tools. These tools do not require very hard-core programming skills.

4. It is important to identify your own capabilities and keep trust on yourself, take a firm decision and stick to it till the goal is achieved. It is well said by Swami Vivekananda — “Arise! Awake and not stop till the goal is achieved.”

5. Of course, big data is a one of fastest growing and very fascinating field. So, you can maintain higher career growth in this field by making habit to be updated with recent advancement in the big data tools and technologies.

6. It is crucial to develop right skills in your chosen field. In PGDM (big data analytics) programme, along with efficient managerial and interpersonal skills, you will be trained on variety of big data tools and technologies. You can develop expertise in a set of skills or sub domain in which you want to expand your career. This will pave the way to get high salary package.

In big data, aspirants can make career as:

· Data Scientist

· Data Engineer

· Financial Analyst

· Data Visualization Manager

· Big Data Engineer

· Machine Learning Scientist

· Business Analytics Specialist

· Data Visualization Developer

· Business Intelligence Solutions Architect

· Analytics Manager

· Market Analyst

· Business Intelligence Engineer

· Machine Learning Engineer

· Business Intelligence Specialist as so on.

On wrapping up notes, feel free to share your feedback. See you in the next week.




Professor (Big Data Analytics)||Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) || Adani Group || Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Virendra Kumar Shrivastava

Virendra Kumar Shrivastava

Professor (Big Data Analytics)||Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management (AIDTM) || Adani Group || Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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